Comprehensive development services for better products

From the idea to the finished product, a project at SCHERDEL goes through a whole series of development processes.

Our experts work together with renowned wire rod manufacturers or metallurgy plants on improved materials. Testing, measuring and implementing the required tests take place in the in-house laboratory. In order to be able to draw on the best technologies during later series production, the process development also often takes place internally at SCHERDEL.

In the early product development stage, material and product properties can be pre-calculated in the numerical simulation in order to save time and money. In doing so, calculation programs such as Ansys, Recurdyn, LS Dyna or PamCrash are used.
The development of spring and kinematic calculation programs, along with application-related product development, supplement (in addition to CAD design) the "theoretical" development process.

In SCHERDEL's prototyping, the theoretical results can be immediately implemented in real products.

The synergies resulting from the interaction of individual development areas find their results in many customized developments in the automobile sector for the powertrain, body and chassis areas, as well as in the industrial sector, such as in medical technology and the sports and leisure industry. Engineers and technicians with very different training and educational backgrounds, as well as different levels of experience in their career, are available to you.

Range of Services:

Numerical simulation

Material development

Process development

Laboratory + test stand

Spring calculation


Product development

Prototype production
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