More Solutions

Energy / Solar energy

The supply with energy is a worldwide challenge which has to be pursued. The industrialisation of the emerging countries is only one of the reasons of our growing energy requirements. In the long term, the future of the energy supply lies in the renewable energies. Not only in our company objectives, but also in the efforts of our employees and in our products, one can see how much the environmental conscience is emphasised at SCHERDEL.

Household appliances

Nowadays nobody wants to live without the numerous aids for everyday life: household appliances reduce work and provide precious free time. This way of life requires amongst others a high energy consumption. SCHERDEL helps its customers to create household appliances, which process the existing energies in an optimum manner and reduce respectively  absorb them if necessary.

Sports and leisure industry

Enjoy your life and relax or let it rip, attractive leisure activities are an important part of a balanced life. SCHERDEL contributes to this philosophy and is a product supplier in various sport and leisure areas. We would like to support our customers that they can lean back and relax.

Furniture and fitting industry
In the modern computer age people have to take care of a healthy body posture and to avoid unergonomic movements. In the field of interior design, it becomes more and more important to find healthy and comfortable solutions. With its enormous experience SCHERDEL is able to respond to the specific needs of people.


The market of aerospace products is one of the most innovative markets of the world. Due to the high requirements with regard to weight saving, hundred per cent reliability and minimum assembly space, the aerospace industry complies exactly with the high demands that SCHERDEL imposes to its own products. High-tech products perfectly tailored – SCHERDEL makes the aeroplane ''light as a feather''.