Energy Efficiency - Our Contribution to Resource Conservation

The environmentally friendly design for mobility requires a revision of the drive concepts for all kinds of vehicles. In addition to the further development of electric drives, the optimization of combustion engines, whether as a main drive or a "range extender," will continue to play an important role. More engine power while reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: these are the requirements that SCHERDEL is setting along with the automobile industry.

In order to achieve these goals, concepts are being developed and implemented, such as friction reduction or reducing the engine weight by downsizing and turbocharging. Other examples are the development of the variable valve train, which can achieve up to 20% fuel savings, or the optimization of the dosage by injection systems through piezoelectric technology.

Many years of experience in cooperation with the major automobile manufacturers allow SCHERDEL to custom develop precision parts, such as compression, torsion and double body torsion springs, spiral and leaf springs and fine blanking and stamping parts.

Fuel savings of up to 20% through the variable valve drive

Improved performance through precise dosing with piezoelectric injection

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