Safety - Development for Maximum Protection and Reliability

The increase of active and passive safety is an important component in the continuous development of automobiles. Product safety is an important aspect even in other markets, such as in medical technology. For example, the deformation behavior of seat frames in a collision can be predicted using projections in numerical simulation. The SCHERDELGroup even optimized pedestrian safety through its developments. The focus is mainly on the passive system area. The goal is to eliminate the rigid places in the joining area of the engine hood through design and geometry modifications, in order to optimally protect pedestrians in the case of a possible crash. In addition to numerous patent applications, the activities in this area also led to development awards, such as the ADAC Mobility Award of 2004.

SCHERDEL also supports improving product safety in medical technology. In order to contain the high number of needle-stick injuries caused by injections as well as their risks for medical personnel (HIV, hepatitis), SCHERDEL provides a compression spring that pushes a protective plastic sleeve over the needle following an injection (passive protection), thus ruling out a risk of injury.

Minimizing damage in the case of unforeseen events - SCHERDEL pedestrian protection

Product safety in medical technology through reliable compression springs

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