Career Path

  "I was already interested in the field of metal processing during my school days. That is why I decided to begin training as a toolmaker at SCHERDEL. Following successful completion of the placement test, my wish had come true. It was very quickly evident that this was the right decision. The conditions are great here in all areas: an in-house trainee workshop, nice trainers and fair wages. Due to SCHERDEL's extensive range of products, the training sessions are designed very differently and go well beyond the regular curriculum."

Industrial mechanic Benjamin Thoma and toolmaker Manuel Schulze at SCHERDEL
"Personal development is of great importance at SCHERDEL. After my training to become an industrial clerk, I was offered additional training in the field of logistics. I now make sure that deliveries make their way to our customers smoothly and also manage supplier evaluations and monitor customer portals."

Ümit Öztürk, Logistics Employee
  "Even for experienced managers, SCHERDEL offers interesting positions with exceptional potential for development at home and abroad. It should be emphasized that lateral newcomers are supported in a special way. On one hand, the mentorship system facilitates incorporation in the initial phase. On the other hand, the SCHERDEL Academy always guarantees an up-to-date level of knowledge with its exemplary program of internal education and training."

Gerhard Vollath, Head of International Sales / Marketing