Personnel Development at SCHERDEL

Employees are the SCHERDELGroup's greatest asset. So come with SCHERDEL on your personal road to success. Employees are guided and accompanied at this stage by the respective supervisors who have committed (according to the corporate philosophy) to support them as intensively as possible and take into account their individual talents.

At SCHERDEL, numerous measures are taken and experienced, which serve the individual professional development of the staff. The pillars of personnel development include goal-oriented management, a well-developed competence management system and regular employee communication between superiors and employees, during which a mutual assessment takes place.

SCHERDEL places particular value on providing its employees with all the qualifications that are essential for the optimal performance of their current or future tasks.

This is ensured at the Marktredwitz location by the SCHERDEL Academy, which was founded in 2007 specifically for this purpose. Currently, it is possible to offer employees over 100 training sessions every year from various sectors, such as management, social, methodological and technical competence or health, in order to promote personal development. The constantly growing range of courses includes, apart from trainings by qualified in-house speakers, lectures and seminars led by renowned external specialists.

With this overall concept, employees are well equipped to successfully handle all challenges arising from their respective positions.