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Spring assemblies, mechanisms and other complex assembly groups belong to the sheeting assembly components produced by SCHERDEL. SCHERDEL expertise is used here via assemblies, which continue to exhaust the functionality of technical springs, e.g. in order to manufacture connections with low play and noise or to achieve linking and structurally supporting properties.



Household appliances industry:
Electrics / electronical enineering:
Furniture industry:
Interior, e.g. seat adjustments and actuators, body, e.g. trunk lid opening, door locks and hinges, brake systems, engine, clutch, transmission

White goods (e.g. tension band for washing machine)

e.g. electrical carrier for electrolytic capacitors
e.g. rolling shutter weight unloading


Assembly procedure implemented by competent SCHERDEL automation technology via semi or fully automated assembly systems.

Process:   Mortising, clinching, riveting, screwing, pressure point joining


Spring assemblies, mechanisms and other assembly components
From cars to health care