Improving component properties

SCHERDEL brings to the forefront what is really in the components. Component specialists have made it their task to stop corrosion and wear and improve fatigue strength under vibrating loads. Coatings as well as mechanical and thermal surface treatments are used for this.

With the help of the various coating processes available at SCHERDEL, the corrosion resistance of workpieces is greatly improved first and foremost. A resistance to acids and alkalis as well as to contact and crevice corrosion is possible, but so is a reduction in frictional resistance and a colorful design of the components.

Range of Services

Surface coating
  • Delta MKS coating
    • Dip spinning - bulk material
    • Dip spinning - frame
    • Dipping
    • Spraying
  • Delta MKS coating
  • KTL coating
  • Powder coating
  • Zinc phosphatization
  • Flocking
  • Fluidization coating
Surface treatment
  • Shotpeening
  • Wet vibrofinishing
Heat treatment
  • Tempering
  • Bainitic hardening
  • Salt bath nitriding
  • Gas nitriding
  • Laser hardening
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Mechanical treatment

Shotpeening, vibrofinishing and polishing are included among mechanical surface treatment processes. The main focus here is on the preparation of workpieces for coating, on increasing the fatigue strength through the composition of compressive residual stresses, as well as on generally improving the surface quality by minimizing roughness and removing undesirable deposits or surface zones.

Thermal treatment

The thermal surface treatment is particularly aimed at an optimal wear protection. However, it also succeeds in increasing resistance to corrosion and improving fatigue strength through targeted measures. Heat treatment procedures, which are not just limited to the component surface, but rather change the entire component on a microstructural level, are also included in SCHERDEL's range of services.
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