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Bending components made of wire and tube materials are manufactured in nearly every multi-dimensional form according to the customer’s specifications and drawings. In addition to stabilization and mounting, different elastic features are also created through the use of spring steel wires. Various surface finishes are possible upon request.



Health care:
Sports and leisure industry:
Interior, e.g. seat structures, electrical mobility,  safety systems, cooling systems, braking systems
Homecare, e.g. nail bed treatment

e.g. skibrakes


Wire material:

Tube material:
Wire thicknesses:    
Tube diameter:   
Equipment technology:

Iron and steel spring wires in different material grades and with different surfaces
Precision steel tubes according to EN10305-1,2,3 and 5
0.23 - 12 mm diameter
up to 50 mm
CNC bending technology, tool-related bending technology, special machines for tapering the ends of tubes, multi-form center for efficient and complex shaping


Wire bending parts:
Tube bending parts:
with embossing, punching and other processing
with embossing, punching, end processing or tapering
From cars to health care