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Torsion springs usually have a cylindrical spring body, which connects to legs, loops or hooks for power transmission. SCHERDEL also produces torsion springs in all types of special shapes, such as with two torsion bodies. Using the testing technology established in our own machine building, highly precise springs can be manufactured with tight tolerances, such as for use in the variable valve train.


Automotive sector: 

Furniture industry: 
Sports and leisure industry: 
Health care:
Interior, e.g. seat adjustment systems, steering wheel height adjustment, pedal system belt tensioner systems, actuation systems, carburetors
e.g. window and wardrobe roller shutters

e.g. ski bindings
In-vitro-diagnostics, e.g. lancing devices



Wire thickness:
Patented cold-drawn wires according to DIN EN 10270-1
Oil-hardened and tempered wire according to DIN EN 10270-2 
Stainless steel wires acoording to DIN EN 10270-3
Round, square and profiled material
0.1 to 7 mm


  • Torsion springs with one torsion body 
  • Torsion springs with two spring bodies (connected by a bar):
  • Wound with a closed coil or with pitch
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