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Fine blanking parts are characterized by extremely precise, rectangular crack and tear-free cut surfaces. These precision parts are manufactured with the tightest tolerances, great angular accuracy and the best possible flatness. A complex design is possible through the integration of different forming processes in the tool.



Mechanical engineering: Construction industry: Furniture industry:
Body, e.g. locking systems, motion and safety systems, interior, e.g. seat adjusters, braking systems, exhaust systems, transmissions
Textile machines
e.g. window construction, e.g. door locks
e.g. hinges



Punching force:
Material thickness:
Strip width:
Depends on the requirements, including special materials (steel, copper, aluminum and various alloys, high strength grades)
up to 8800 kN
up to 12 mm
up to 450 mm
Surface treatment and coating, Process-integrated sorting and testing automation


  • Fine blanking parts with degrees of difficulty >S3
  • Fine blanking parts with massive forming operations such as e.g. plunging, local material thickening, gearing parts, disc springs
  • Integration of cold-forming processes in the tool is possible.

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