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Constant force and power springs consist of a spirally wound metal strip in a plane shape and act as mechanical energy storage (spring motor). Due to preferred orientation strips and special raw material, SCHERDEL springs can survive the endurance test under extreme conditions, such as exposure to high heat or extreme loads. SCHERDEL manufactures constant force and power springs as individual parts, but also in complete or partial assemblies.



Household appliances industry:

Electrics / electrical engineering:

Health care:

Interior e.g. in seat belt height adjuster, cup holder, ashtray, seat belt

In cable, rope or hose winding rollers, e.g. in vacuum cleaners

e.g. as carbon brush springs, high-performance electrical switches
Electromagnetic devices, e.g. weight balance, x-ray machine



Strip thicknesses:
Strip width:

Spring strip material made from preferred orientation strip and stainless steel spring strip.
0.05 to 4 mm
2.5 to 60 mm
1.0 Ncm to 200 Nm (1-50 rpm) for power springs
0.5 N bis 50 N (up to 400 mm deflection) for constant force springs


  • Constant force spring:   Tension spring, A / B motors
  • Power spring:                  Normally wound and cross-curved 

Offer of the complete or partial assembly.
From cars to health care