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The SCHERDELGroup implements one of its most variable products, stamping and bending parts made from strip material, from design and prototyping to tool construction and manufacturing. We develop according to the customer's drawings or specifications and undertake the entire project management through a central contact partner. We pursue the most economical solution for the corresponding application case up until series-production readiness and production on central wheeled machines.



Health care:

Construction industry:
Electrics / electrical engineering:
In brake systems, e.g. as rubber-metal elements with damping properties, drive: e.g. member ignition coils, in automotive electrics as hose fastening elements, parts for hybrid drives and electro-mobility
Electromechanical devices e.g. battery contacts and holders
Fastening elements

e.g. live parts, electric motors



Material thicknesses:
Punching force:

All steel and non-ferrous metals with different surfaces suitable for stamping, according to the customer requirement.  Spring materials, special stainless steel strip with up to 1500N tensile strength
0.05 - 5 mm  
up to 2500 kN, with retraction presses up to 10,000kN


All forms of stamping and bending parts according to the customer's requirement:
  • Spring-loaded stamping and bending parts
  • Contact members
  • Bushings and sleeves
  • Plastic-metal compounds
  • Ready to use assemblies
From cars to health care