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Tension springs are helical springs that counteract an axial force directed at the extension of the spring. The ends of the tension spring body are equipped with loops, hooks or the like in order to transmit power.



Household appliances:
Sports and leisure industry:
Electrics / electrical enineering:
Gate construction
In brake systems, body e.g. trunk lid opening, windshield wipers, interior, e.g. in seat structures

White goods, e.g. door hinge of washing machine

e.g. ski binding 

e.g. switches



With corrosion protection:

Patented cold-drawn spring steel wire according to DIN EN 10270 (1-3)
Oil-tempered spring steel wire according to DIN EN 10270-2 (at high temperatures)

Coated wires or stainless steel spring steel wire according to DIN EN 10270-3 Cold-formed tension springs with a diameter of 0.1 - 16 mm.
Surface coating e.g. for coloring or as corrosion protection


  • Typical for the industry according to DIN 2097.
  • Manufacture of extended loops and other shapes possible.
  • Profiled wire with constant diameter.
  • Various loop shapes possible.
  • Further use in assembly units.

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