Start of pro­duc­tion of pis­ton ring expanders. SCHERDEL is still the mar­ket leader in this seg­ment today.

SCHERDEL valve springs not only prove their worth on the road, but also on water. Dieter Quester sets three world records for Euro­pean sport boats on Lake Iseo in north­ern Italy.

BMW wins with its tour­ing car (valve springs from SCHERDEL) at Le Mans and in the Grand Prix of Tour­ing Cars at the Nürburgring.

The increas­ing impor­tance of the company’s own tool and machine con­struc­tion jus­ti­fies its inde­pen­den­den­cy. The Tool­ing Divi­sion is found­ed under the name of Comet GmbH, based in Berlin, and the machine con­struc­tion is found­ed under the name of AFEMA GmbH, based in Mark­tred­witz. Pro­duc­tion of spe­cial springs is start­ed at the Mark­tred­witz-Friedau plant.